Give yourself time


Found this image on Facebook, not sure who to credit but i felt it was fitting for the way I feel today and moving forward in my life.

For awhile now my life has just been about my husband and focusing on our daughter making sure she is OK, her health has always been a bit of a problem so we always making sure she is healthy and kept in a safe environment where she wont easily catch any colds or  having us rush off to hospital for another bronchitis attack.

We recently relocated to Port Elizabeth from Cape Town its been challenging finding a creche for her and then also making sure that my husband is happy with his move – it was a career move and I think theirs nothing worse than having to move your whole family away from loved ones and then you feel that the move was not worth it. So my concentration was on making sure he knows I am there for him and that it will be challenging for all of us, but together we will get through the new changes and our new environment.

Then theirs me, still working for the CPT company but also wanting to start up a wedding coordinating business part time, after all that is what I am most passionate about.

I just don’t have time! The hours go by during the day and when I am finally ready to concentrate on me – its 22:00 and I want to go to bed. Then I found this post on Facebook – i realized if this NEW ME AT 33 is going to work, I would need to set out a schedule for myself and focus on the goals. Put everyone aside, even for an hour each day and just Take time for myself focus on me and whats going to get me the ultimate goal of happiness.

If you find yourself in my situation, read below and remember only you can make yourself happy, put time aside even if its just a walk in the park, reading a book. Find that inner space to connect with your inner self.

Till next time x



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